József Kovács' 2013 UK Lecture Tour Notes

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József Kovács' 2013 UK Lecture Tour Notes

Raphael Czaja: There is a really interesting combination of principles in these notes. I especially liked Eight Envelopes, Asymmetric Oil & Water, Yet 2 and Coin and Card ESP. The Plaid Eared Rabbit contains a very clever use of an old Tenyo prop. I guess it is this one? https://tenyo-magic.blogspot.fr/2010/05/t-072.html
These e-notes contain 15 great routines. Best of all... you will also receive my "Shouting Jokers" and "Colour Scheme" e-manuscripts (worth £5.00 each) FREE when you order my Lecture Notes.
Shouting Jokers: As Aldo Colombini says... "A wonderful routine with so many climaxes!" This is based on the famous theme of the Whispering Queens. Effect: Two people each select a card and sign them. You now introduce a packet of three Jokers. The two selections are touched by the Jokers who then "whisper" their identities to you! One of the selections is cut into the deck, but instantly reappears between the Jokers! The other selection is now placed amongst the three Jokers from where... it vanishes... only to reappear seconds later in your pocket! 

Colour Scheme: You introduce a deck of cards and five different coloured pens. A card is freely selected and then lost back into the deck. They are now asked to select some, or all, of the pens. Let’s say they pick three pens: RED, ORANGE and GREEN. The remaining pens are discarded. You ask the spectator to take each pen and write a single-digit number with it. This results in three written digits, each of a different colour. Someone else rearranges these digits to form a different number. Incredibly, using these random numbers... the selected card is found again!


 Oil & Water Abdication 

Gossipy Kings

 Yet 2 





Appreciation: Jozsef thanks those who have helped him.
Amazing Prediction: You table a prediction deck. A lady randomly (and fairly) chooses two cards from another deck. The two cards generate a card and a two-digit number. You hand her the prediction deck, and she deals down to her randomly generated number. All the cards dealt are face down except for the card at her number, which is face up and... just happens to be her randomly generated card! To top this...all the other cards in the prediction deck are blank!
Christmas Triumph: An unusual Triumph routine where the signed selection is the only face up card, after the face down/face up shuffle. The kicker comes when the signed selection also has a completely different coloured back to all the rest!
Gossipy Kings: Four Kings first "whisper" the names of three selected cards to you then... the four Kings in your hands become the three selected cards, so the four Kings must be on the table? No... the four tabled cards are blank faced! Finally, the Kings are produced from your pockets!
Oil & Water Abdication: You table the four Queens to your right and the four Kings to your left, but seconds later... the Queens change into four red spot cards and the Kings into black spot cards! You now alternate the black spot cards with the red spot cards but... the four black spot cards rise to the top of the packet. Finally... the packet is in red spot/black spot alternating order again throughout!
Far and Wider: A selected card appears on the top, the bottom, reversed in the middle, and even in your pocket. These four cards then change into the four Queens. You now cut the Queens into the centre of the deck and someone spreads through to find the face down selection trapped between them. Finally the backs of the Queens change colour!
Dots:  Someone chooses a card. You show four sheets of stickers. One has four red stickers, one four blue, one four yellow and one four green. They choose a sheet, sign a sticker and then stick it onto their card, which is lost in the deck. You now get four chances to find it... You find three cards, but not the selection. On your 4th attempt, you find the selection. Incredibly, the other three cards now have the same coloured stickers that they stuck on their selection stuck to them, and... the three stickers have vanished from the original sheet!
Eight Envelopes: Three people select one of eight envelopes that each have a colour, a day and a planet written on them. The first is asked to remember the colour written on their envelope, the second remembers the day written on their envelope and the third the planet written on their envelope. A fourth person now picks one of the eight envelopes and opens it to find a prediction inside of the colour, day and planet that the other spectators are thinking of. Incredibly.... the other 7 envelopes are empty!
The Plaid-Eared Rabbit: Someone selects a card and cuts it back into the deck - all with the cards in their own hands. You introduce a small box containing 6 differently coloured dice. Someone selects 2 of the colours and writes them down. With your back turned, they put their 2 coloured dice into the box and replace the lid, which you now shake up. Using the sum of the numbers showing on the 4 tabled dice and the 2 in the box... the previously selected card is discovered!
Pinned: Someone thinks of a number and remembers the card at that number from the top of the deck. The card and the number is known to everyone else, but not to you. They now hand you the deck behind your back. You do "something" with the cards then bring them to the front again. You now remove a card from your pocket and insert it face up into the face down deck, which you now table. Next, you concentrate and... reveal her thought of number! You ask her to name her selection then you spread the deck across the table to reveal her card face up amongst all the rest! There is also an amazing variation where you name her chosen card, she names her number, you spread the deck and a face down card is seen with a sticker on its back that has her thought of number written on it and... when the card is turned over, it is her card!
Asymmetric Oil & Water: Four red spot cards and two black Queens are mixed, but in a VERY strange manner... the queens separate themselves from the spot cards, as oil and water can't mix. This sequence can be repeated a few times to create a short routine.
Bes-Test: An ESP card is selected, but not looked at. The rest are dealt out into 5 piles. Four of the piles are fairly eliminated by other spectators using a coin (or a pendant). The remaining pile contains [say] four STAR cards. When the selection is turned face up... it is the 5th STAR card!
Yet 2: Inspired by Aldo Colombini's Yet, from his Card Trips book. However, in Jozsef's version, the chosen card changes its back colour twice (from blue to red and then from red to green). Best of all, after the second change, it remains green backed, so... you can give it to the spectator as a souvenir!
Si Stebbins-Rest:  Two people fairly select a card each and bury them into the deck themselves. You explain that you have two lucky numbers... 3 and 5. Using those two numbers... you discover their cards!
Christmas ESP: You table a small envelope and then deal five ESP cards into a row. You ask someone for a number from 1 to 5, and using their number... they arrive at one of the ESP cards. Let's say they have the CROSS card. To end, you tip out another CROSS card (as your prediction) from the envelope, which is otherwise empty!
Coin and Card ESP: A different ESP card is cleanly slipped, one each, into five small envelopes. You then introduce five coins with a different miniature ESP symbol stuck to each of them. The coins are mixed and tabled in a face down row. One is selected and placed in front of the spectator. One of the envelopes is now freely chosen, and shown to contain a CIRCLE card. When the spectator turns his coin over... it also has a CIRCLE symbol on it!