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Aldo Colombini: You have the 'knack' to create direct effects with simple methods, 
which is, in my opinion, the essence of commercial magic.
Peter Duffie: In this ebook, József combines some original thinking with neat construction. I really enjoyed this collection of card magic. I think you will, too.
Paul Hallas: A nice variety of card material here.
I'll be using a few of these routines for sure!
Raphael Czaja: This is a collection of off-beat magic and smart thinking for sure! Fares is an effective piece of mentalism with cards. The almost hands-off card control is very cool. Mathemagic, Demi Sec and Twin Giants are really fun.
Stephen Tucker: If you enjoy the eleven excellent routines that you will encounter in CARDOPIA, which I know you will, be sure to check out József's other ebooks, lecture notes and manuscripts... they are all great and I highly recommend them.
Paul A. Lelekis: "Jozsef is a very clever thinker when it comes to creating excellent card magic for entertaining your spectators!  I was especially happy with Demi Sec, Twin Giants and Paddle Hofzinser...but all of his magic will provide fodder for the thinking close-up magician!"




József Kovács' CARDOPIA ebook: ELEVEN superb card routines. Best of all, you will also receive my "LOIS or LISE" and "CCARN" e-manuscripts (worth £5.00 each) FREE when you order my CARDOPIA ebook.

"LOIS or LISE": This is a numerological revelation of a selected card. It's really off-beat and... I think you'll love it, and definitely use it!

"CCARN" (Chosen Card At Random Number): Any card is selected [say the King of Spades] and then buried into the deck by the spectator. Using a 2nd deck, a number is very fairly generated, again by the spectator [let's say 25]. You won't believe this, but... the 25th card now dealt to in the 1st deck is the King of Spades!


Meet The Author: Jozsef's magical history

Introduction: By Stephen Tucker

Fares:  A great routine that combines the 21 Card Trick with Paul Flory's Think Of Any Card

Or... You and a helper shuffle and cut the four Kings into the deck and then, between you, find them again!
Passes: An off-beat ESP card revelation that unfolds with your back turned!
Please: A self-working control of a selected card whilst your back is turned!

Odd Backed Triumph: A spectator selects a card and inserts it face-down into the center of the face-down, blue deck.
The magician turns half of the deck face-up and shuffles it into the face-down portion. He cuts the deck. He spreads the deck on the table and all of the cards are face-down except for the face-up selection. He removes it from the spread and turns it over, revealing its red back!
Mathemagic: Armed with a dice, four cards bearing the mathematical symbols 'add', 'subtract', 'divide' and 'multiply' and a deck of cards... a spectator finds her own freely selected card!
Demi Sec: Two freely selected cards are lost in the deck. The spectator selects a King and waves it over the cards. When spread... the other three Kings are face up, and have trapped two face down cards between them... the selections!
Twin Giants: Two people write a number from 1 to 10 on slips of paper [say 5 and 7]. You write a prediction on the back of each slip. They decide where in the deck the slips are placed. You spread the cards and count along 5 and 7 cards from the slips. The cards at these positions are removed. When the slips are turned over, it is seen that you have written "9 of Hearts" and "10 of Spades" on them. When the two removed cards are looked at... they match!
Paddle Hofzinser: You table four face down cards whilst a lady shuffles the rest. You show that she has shuffled the Jack of Spades to the top, which you table. You now show that the four cards you previously tabled are the Aces. The Ace of Spades now flips face down, but when turned face up again... it is the Jack of Spades and the Ace of Spades... is on the table!
Far And Wide: Someone freely selects a card, signs its face and it is replaced in the centre. You now show that her card is on the top of the deck, on the bottom, face up in the middle and even in your pocket! However, when these four cards are shown again... they are the Queens!
Other Products: Details of Jozsef's other ebooks, lecture notes and manuscripts
that are available either from him or the dealers.
BONUS ITEM... Resignation: Four Queens are tabled to your left and four Jacks to your right. However, seconds later, each set of cards changes into an examinable Royal Flush!