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10 very-easy-to -do strong effects performed and explained by the the late Aldo Colombini.

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PAUL LELEKIS: "Jozsef is a very talented magician with an extremely creative mind! His card magic is exemplary and if you want a beautiful variety of effects with clever presentations - then definitely buy this download DVD! I'm very "picky and critical" about much of the card magic out there...but Jozsef Kovács is the real deal!"

PAUL HALLAS' REVIEW: "I recently enjoyed the DVD featuring card magic from Jozsef Kovaks. The routines are demonstrated by the late Aldo Colombini and this is probably one of the last DVD’s Aldo recorded before we lost him.
For the most part these are familiar plots being revisited but often in a way that gives a surprising twist, for example “Spy Game” is a version of “Whispering Queens” with two selections and I really didn’t see the ending coming. There is no need to peek the cards in this version but the fact Jozsef did was probably what led me down the garden path. His approach to the ‘Gemini Twins’ plot may need a larger set up but adds a further element of free choice for two spectators to give an impossible looking two card prediction.
I liked the use of math symbols for a card revelation in “Mathemagic”, I wouldn’t use it in table hopping, but I will try this at some point I’m sure.
“Are You A Good Observer” is a similar ‘effect’ to Walton’s “Oil and Queens” with a little more magic along the way. Paul Gordon may have had a similar approach, but this is well constructed, a lot of magic happens.
“Odd backed Triumph” is as the title suggests, at the conclusion of a simple triumph routine the selection is face up, but its back changes colour.
'Jazz Faces” is a very quick ‘Jazz Aces’ routine I like. My favorite is my own described at the conclusion of a chapter on the plot in “Still Small, Still Deadly” but I will play with this one. It may be the quickest version of the plot.
“Lift” is a version of Cervon and Vernon’s “Devil’s Elevator” where the ‘rise’ cards all change suit at the conclusion. Again, I wrote a chapter on the packet elevator plot in “Still Small. Still Deadly” and suggested a way of accomplishing this, but I think Jozsef’s solution may be better. I believe Max Maven has also worked on this plot.
“Demi Sec” is a variation on the ‘Collectors’ plot with two selections and the kings. If you don’t already have a favorite version this is one you might like to play with.
Skill level? This is easy stuff, nothing more taxing than the odd double lift, double undercut, Elmsley count and shuffling some cards to the bottom of the deck. Oh yes, there’s one Ascanio spread. A standard card gaff is used for a few routines and the set ups for some of them would eliminate them from a table hoppers repertoire. Good value for money and if you’ve not read any of Jozsef’s booklets this DVD may be the perfect introduction to his work. I predict you’ll find something you can use."


  • TWIN GIANTS: Two numbers freely selected by two spectators find two cards that you have predicted.
  • MATHEMAGIC: Using four cards with math symbols you perform a very unique and entertaining routine with the revelation of a selected card.
  • SPYGAME 1: You show three Jokers (spies). Two spectators select two cards from the shuffled deck. The 'spies' will tell you the names of the selected cards with a further final surprise of the transposition of the two cards.
  • ARE YOU A GOOD OBSERVER?: A stunning packet trick with regular cards, four red cards and four black cards. They change position and at the end you produce the four Queens (or Aces, etc.).
  • ODD-BACKED TRIUMPH: A card is selected from a red-backed deck. The cards are shuffled face up and face down. At the end, all the cards are face down except for the selection that now has a BLUE back.
  • JAZZ FACES: The performer shows three Jokers and the four Aces which are placed in a T formation. Then the magician puts the Jokers on the leader Ace. The three single Aces change into Jokers and in the leader packet, there are the four Aces.
  • SENSITIVE ACE 1: A spectator places a blue-backed AS face up in the middle of the face-down deck. You turn the Ace face down and the back of the Ace has changed into red with the words: "King of Hearts". The card below the Ace is the KH.
  • LIFT: This trick is a version of the classic Elevator theme. The performer shows four Jokers and the Ace, the Two, the Three and the Four of Spades. The four Spade cards lift through the Jokers one by one and in the end they change into Hearts.
  • PADDLE HOFZINSER: A singular and unique approach to the classis Hofzinser theme, where the Ace of the same suit of a selected card turns over and it changes into the actual selection.
  • DEMI SEC: A clever version of the classic Collector Theme: Three Kings capture two freely selected cards.