25/08/2013 13:19

When you order my “CARDOPIA” ebook, you will also receive my "LOIS or LISE" and "CCARN (Chosen Card At Random Number)" e-manuscripts FREE! These are worth £5.00 each.

Description of both e-manuscripts are below their images.



Raphael Czaja: I really like how you put different principles all together and the expanded 10/20 principle is overlooked in my opinion. I like that there is no apparent move and it looks fair.

You tell two spectators that one of them will select a card randomly from the deck, and the other will find out the name of the selected card using numerology. You ask one of them to turn his back while the other chooses a card.
The first spectator now selects a card in a very fair manner. You then cut the card face up into the middle of the otherwise face down deck, which you then table.
You ask the second spectator to turn back, and you introduce sixteen cards with numbers written on them. They now choose four of the sixteen number cards, again in a very fair manner.
You now have them add together the numbers on the cards using a calculator. Assuming that the total is 5107. Tell the spectator that he has just found out the name of the first spectator's selection. Ask him to turn the calculator upside down. The upside down digits, 5107, can be read as LOIS.
You now spread the deck across the table; and a speech bubble has appeared on the face of the Queen of Clubs with "Hi. I am LOIS." written inside it! 
You push the Queen out of the spread and turn it over to show that the back of the card has also changed from blue to red! 
Finally, you turn over the second spectator's four chosen number cards to show that they have the words "THE” "QUEEN” "OF” and "CLUBS” written on their backs. The backs of the other 12 number cards (not chosen) all have blank backs!


"CCARN" (Chosen Card At Random Number): 

Raphael Czaja: I'm not an ordinary magician: I LOVE card tricks with two decks! I really dig the apparent fairness of the trick. The spectator is asked to make many fair choices and the outcome looks impossible. A worthwile variation on the ACAAN plot.
Any card is selected [say the King of Spades] and then buried into the deck by the spectator. Using a 2nd deck, a number is very fairly generated, again by the spectator [let's say 25]. You won't believe this, but... the 25th card now dealt to in the 1st deck is the King of Spades!