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25/08/2013 14:11

When you order my "UK LECTURE TOUR 2013 NOTES" ebook, you will also receive my "Shouting Jokers" and "Colour Scheme" e-manuscripts FREE! These are worth £5.00 each.

Descriptions of both e-manuscripts are below their images.












As Aldo Colombini described it, "A wonderful routine with so many climaxes!"
Three Jokers help you to reveal the identity of two freely selected cards. One card is placed back in the middle of the deck and reappears between the Jokers. The second card placed with the Jokers vanishes and reappears in your pocket!
No palming. No extra cards. The selected cards can even be signed if you like.

"Here's a trick from a Hungarian magician that I've recently discovered ... Shouting Jokers is a very beautiful routine, inspired by the Whispering Queens plot. Very easy to do. I've seen many variations of this trick but this one became one of my favourites. It is not "heavily" gimmicked so with a bit of sleight of hand, you can do it with ordinary cards. 


I've also bought József's ebooks and they contain very good material which are worth the prices of these ebooks. 


Personally, after having read and performed some of his material, I can't wait for his next releases." 


Keep up the good work József!"


Raphael Czaja 





"Check out SHOUTING JOKERS by József Kovács to see a variation on STAGE SHOUT by Roy Walton. It seems a shame to add a gimmicked card to a Walton effect. But – it is done in quite a clever way. It is worth looking at if you ever come across it."


Joe McKay (



You introduce a deck of cards and five different coloured pens. You have a spectator freely select a card, after which the card is lost back into the deck again. They are now invited to select some, or all, of the pens. Let’s say they pick three pens: RED, ORANGE and GREEN. The remaining pens are discarded. You ask them to take each pen and write a single-digit number with it. This results in three written digits, each of a different colour. For example 7 3 5.
Turning to a second spectator, you ask her to mix the three pens so that they are in a random order. The three written digits are now re-arranged according to the new order. If the order of the pens is, ORANGE, RED and GREEN, then the new order of the written numbers might be: 5 7 3
You now take the deck and deal a pile of cards for each number. Despite the fairness in the creation of the numbers, the card you arrive at is the previously selected card!