József Kovács first UK Lecture Tour...

23/08/2013 17:53

József undertook his first "UK Lecture Tour" in July 2013 when he lectured at the societies listed below.

He would like to thank his tour organiser, Sean Lobban for all the work he put in on his behalf.
  8th – Portsmouth & District Magic Circle.
  9th – Wessex Magical Association, Bournemouth.
11th – Sussex Magic Circle, Hassocks.
15th – Leicester Magic Circle. 
16th – British Magical Society, Birmingham.
17th – Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians
18th – Nottingham Guild of Magicians.
23rd – Northamptonshire Magicians, Northampton.
25th – Surrey Magic Society, Leatherhead.
29th – Middlesbrough Circle of Magicians


British Magical Society July 16 2013
(The 5th lecture of József’s 2013 UK tour)
Reviewed by Mike Gancia
It is not very often that we get a lecturer from Budapest who is a competent card magician, and who not only presents and explains his effects, but also answers any questions in fluent English. 
The basis of József’s lecture, presented to the British Magical Society in July, was a presentation of straightforward card magic using a combination of basic sleights and fake cards that was well within the range of the average club card magician. 
József opened with a trick called Fares, from his CARDOPIA ebook, which is a variation on the 21 Card Trick based upon a version of Peter Flory’s Think of Any Card. This was followed by Asymmetric Oil & Water, a one phase version of a six card Oil and Water routine. An effect called Eight Envelopes, inspired by a Roy Walton item, came next using eight envelopes and cards with Zodiac symbols printed on them. 
He continued with CCARN, his take on Chosen Card At Random Number. He then performed Dots, an interesting combination of cards and coloured stickers whereby the stickers vanished from their sheet and appeared on three other cards to match the chosen card. 
He also introduced a routine called LOIS or LISE using coins and specially numbered cards which climaxed with a predicted four digit number.
After an interval, he opened with an effect called Coin and Card ESP, which involved the use of five envelopes and a combination of different double faced ESP cards that forced the Star.
My favourite item though was Christmas Triumph, a Triumph routine where, after the mixing of the two half decks face-to-face, the cards all end up face down except for the chosen card, which is face up, as in the standard routine. The kicker was that the chosen card is now found to have a different coloured back. 
He continued with Amazing Prediction, a two deck item whereby a spectator chooses two cards from one of the decks which generates a number. The spectator counts down to the two digit number and the card at that number is revealed to be face up in a face down deck, which when turned face up is seen to be all blank. 
József’s Gossipy Kings was followed by his concluding item Yet 2, based on Aldo Colombini’s trick called ‘Yet’, whereby a spectator’s chosen card changed the colour of its back twice.
So ended an evening of card magic, which gave one a choice of varied items that can be easily adapted to your own personality and presentation in order to achieve the benefit of some deceptive and subtle ruses created by a charming magician from Hungary.